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I NEED; I WANT ( Directed by Bill Liggins)

This is a story about a young performing arts couple learning about life under the spotlights, their search for balance between ambition and togetherness, and the price of fame.

How It Is… ( Directed by Melissa Hurry)

This is a story about the choices we make and how it affects the ones we love and those around us. Meet Max, 34, a happily married man who comes back home from Iraq to his unfaithful wife Sarah, 32, and his best friend Daniel, 34. Meet Jake, 25, a gang member who sees no way out, and only sees a life of crime as a way of providing for his love, Laura, 23, and their unborn child. Laura, a run away at the age of 12 who left her father, Harry, a 58 year old Marketing Director who was let go due to being too old that the company decided that they could no longer afford him, and left him homeless.
This is a story about life, tragedy, love and accepting that's how it is...

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